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by Deano


3d printingMilk and Bourbons use Ultimaker printers made by Ultimaker B.V, an open source company based in The Netherlands.

Contrary to the RepRap project founded By Adrian Bowyer, Ultimaker is not focused on an end-goal of self-replication. Their product is designed to make high quality prints. Ultimaker currently sells the Ultimaker Original family as a DIY kit and the Ultimaker 2 family pre-assembled.

3d printingUltimaker’s 3D printers currently print using acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS~car dashboards) and polylactic acid (PLA~strawberry tubs and that packing you can’t get into without a gas-axe). Plus a whole family of proprietary filaments including PVA. Yes, that PVA. The one you used in school. PVA is probably the most interesting as you can print the support material in it, and the model in PLA/ABS. Once complete, submerge in water and the PVA will dissolve leaving a pristine model and no sanding to make it pretty.