by Deano

Camera Equipment

Primarily for my photography the camera equipment that I use is a Canon EOS 80D. It’s the camera that no other tech blogs seem to appreciate, if I’m honest. There’s all the worry of “where does it fit in Canon’s lineup of other models?”. Ok, yeh, I can kind of see where they’re coming from in a very minor way.

For example, there’s the excellent EOS 700D in the ‘three digit entry-level cameras’ that satisfy the need for APS-C size sensors. The next logical jump after this is the semi-pro 7D Mark II or the full frame offering of the 6D, but these cameras retail for the high end of £1300 to £1700 respectively.

The Good

Camera Equipment

EOS 80D and 70-200 f/4 IS USM

For me, the 80D fit the bill perfectly: Huge 24.4Mp sensor should I ever like to print something the native size of a football field and, latest Digic processor for speed, full phase detection Auto-Focus and a middle-of-the-road price tag. I practically leapt at the chance.

It also has some other unexpected benefits for me too, like the internal firmware required no modification at all to be compatible with all of my remote controlling Astrophotography software packages. An unexpected boon.

The Bad

The camera body itself is quite massive, which makes it very nice to hold, but impacted slightly on the room in my Lowepro Slingshot camera bag. So much so infact that I now cannot fit the camera in the bag in its intended place with a lens on.

The Bag

Typically, the SlingShot bag was intended to be used by people “on-the-go”, so is a mono-strap style bag that can be slung from the back, to the front. Allowing clever access to a strategically placed flap that (before the massive 80D) revealed the back of the camera which you could quickly deploy. I’m not explaining this very well… Here, to save myself 1000 more words:

Camera Equipment

No worries though, I reoriented the movable dividers in the bag so the camera sits inside the bag nestled in its own compartment, and the lenses are now arranged vertically down into the bag (when viewed from the cool access hatch).  lens garages lowepro

This actually turned the bag into being more useful than it was in the past! Now the camera lives around my neck and the bag, in its slung round mode is a ‘lens change table’, wonderfully useful. Much better than asking people to hold lens caps while I faff around swapping lenses; or worse, putting the caps/lenses down on the floor!