Baby’s Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

by Deano

Deciding to Reveal the Baby’s Gender

Tina is a thoughtful partner. She likes to plan nice days out and things to do,  this is something that I’m generally terrible at, so most of the time her thoughtfulness saves me from forgetting important dates… most of the time. This time though, deciding if to learn of the baby’s gender during the 20-week scan was the right thing to do is on the table.

20-week scan gender revealGiven that we’ve a new addition to the family on the way and that there’s already a Boy Child and a Girl Child it was suggested on many occasions by close friends and family members that, perhaps during the birth would be a good time to have the baby’s sex revealed to us, ultimately going the whole pregnancy not knowing for sure. These people are clearly stupid. Who amongst us can contain the excitement in the fact that; at around the 20-week scan its more than possible to determine the sex of the baby – its actually expected of the radiologist to come up with the goods. Pronto.

I’m no different. I want to know.

Involving the Family

Its really easy to  just wander into the scan, have the necessary health and development measurements/observations made and then finally do the gender reveal right there in-front of the radiologist. Yeh, perfectly acceptable.

It doesn’t really include the rest of the family though and is quite quick and impersonal. I hadn’t really considered this as the 20 week scan loomed ever closer. The focus was on simply finding out, and quick. Pink or Blue? NOW!  The idea being that if we all find out together, as a family, then that’s going to be an unforgettable memory. Boy or Girl? Brother or Sister? Exciting!

After googling all the possible suggestions for Gender Reveal parties, cakes, days out, pictures, jack-in-the-boxes and everything else in-between… finally: A Balloon-Pop Gender Reveal.

If only I can keep the envelope from the radiologist revealing the sex in my pocket for long enough, as it tries to burn through quicker than even money typically does.


Its a nice day. Sunny, light wind and bang in the middle of the weekend. Where do we know that will be a perfect location for doing this reveal? It has to be:

  • Relatively close so that the HUGE balloon survives the journey intact,
  • Child friendly,
  • Known to us so we can quickly find somewhere relatively private,
  • Has car-parking,
  • Beautiful.

There’s clearly only one option: Delamere Forest. We’ve been many times before it’s just perfect for cheap walking days out. Plus, its a forest. Plenty of places to go that can be considered secluded enough to enjoy some private family time.

delamere forest

Making Memories

Naturally, it’s recommended to go completely mob-handed with camera equipment. You need to be making memories, but also be recording them from every possible angle.

You should have at least two (2) Go Pro’s. Strap one directly to the boy. Right to his chest. Have the other clipped to a fence post at a nice low angle. Upwind… you’ll see why shortly.

Maybe take your DSLR too with ALL it’s lenses, spare batteries and external microphones. Oh! The flash, don’t forget the flash – you’ll need some fill light.

The other minimum requirement for popping a balloon is some kind of GPS Stabilised Ariel Platform with a Camera attached to it. Take a UAV, its batteries, cables, FPV Screen, and controllers too.

Dammit! You forgot the tripod! Better run back and get it.

Right, we’re off, you should have everything ready and set now. Start the engine, roll  the windows down (via the electric button, no actual ‘rolling’ happens) and chill for the 30 min drive to the forest in the sun.

Then go back and get the kids.

End Result/Gender

If you want to know the gender, you’ll have to wait and look for yourself… like I had to. Enjoy. I know I did.

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